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Updated Lesson Plans That Work now available online

Lesson Plans that WorkIn response to our many users, we have given Lesson Plans That Work a new look and new resources.

The popular Lesson Plans That Work, an online resource from the Episcopal Church, has been updated and revised, now with three distinct tracts for younger and older children, and adults.

Lesson Plans that work are available at http://episcopaldigitalnetwork.com/lessons/.

Published by the Episcopal Church and written by experienced church school teachers, Lesson Plans That Work follow the Revised Common Lectionary, using practical approaches to respond to the needs of volunteer teachers.

Lesson Plans That Work consists of three lesson plans presented weekly: for young children, for older children, and for adults.

On the web, Lesson Plans That Work is easy to search by Season, Year A, B, or C, and by age.  Also newly added is a “Useful Links” section providing additional formation resources.


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Become an ECF Fellow

Since 1964, the Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF) has provided financial support to emerging scholars and ministry leaders – both lay and clergy – throughout the Episcopal Church.

Through its Fellowship Partners Program, ECF  helps these individuals share their knowledge, experience, and best practices with the wider Church in practical ways.

Here are two great examples of the transformational ministries funded by ECF:

The application process for the 2013 Fellowships is now open. Here are three points to consider in making a decision to apply:

  • ECF is deeply committed to strengthening the leadership capability of the Episcopal Church. Applicants to the academic and ministry tracks are asked to describe their commitment to developing the next generation of leaders for the Episcopal Church, whether this is in the context of a seminary, a local congregation, through a church-wide network, or in another context.
  • An ECF Fellowship provides both financial support and networking opportunities. ECF has typically awarded three to four Fellowships per year. New awards range up to $15,000 for the first year and are renewable for an additional two years. In addition to this financial support, new Fellows join a wide network of past Fellows and are empowered to share their knowledge, experience, and best practices with the wider Church.
  • The application requires a significant commitment of time and effort and is due on March 15, 2013. The selection process for an ECF Fellowship is highly competitive and a strong application requires a significant investment of time and effort. We encourage all applicants to begin this process early.

The Fellowship Partners Program is one of the most exciting ways that ECF supports innovative scholars and ministry leaders throughout the Episcopal Church. Please email Miguel Escobar or Brendon Hunter if you have any questions about the ECF Fellowship Partners Program.

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January 22 is National Faith Call-In Day

call in dayWe’ve been praying and working for immigration reform, and now is our chance to make it a reality.

On Tuesday, January 22nd, welcome the new Congress by making sure they know that people of faith demand humane immigration reform in 2013.

Call 1-866-940-2439 to be connected with BOTH of your Senators.

Tell them that as their constituent and as a person of faith, you want immigration reform that provides a pathway to FULL CITIZENSHIP and prioritizes FAMILY UNITY.

Here’s a sample script you can use to tailor your personal message:

Hi, my name is (NAME/TTTLE), from (CITY, CONGREGATION).  

May I please speak with the staff person who handles immigration issues?

I urge the Senator to support a common sense, humane immigration reform bill that prioritizes family unity and creates a pathway to citizenship for aspiring Americans who are currently undocumented. What is the Senator doing to help enact immigration reform this year?

Make sure to call twice to reach both of your Senators, and please spread the word! Ask your friends, family members, neighbors, congregations, and communities to call their Senators.

For information on how to get more involved in the push for immigration reform, as well as talking points and the IIC’s recommendations to Congress, go to www.interfaithimmigration.org.

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Mind the Gap

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Tonight I experienced a beautiful liturgy that was Both/And.

The Confirmation of four youth, Reception of several adults, and the blessing of a First Communion, was both traditional and truly contemporary.

It was both formal and comfortable.

It was both reverent and playful.

The congregation was both young and old.

The choir consisted of both robed empty-nesters and young adults with electric guitars.

The congregation was both family and friends.

The congregation was both Episcopalians and guests of other and non-church traditions.

The liturgy was both solemn, sacred, and celebratory; truly joyful.

As I witnessed my fairy god-daughter accepting the responsibility for her choice to be a Christian, I was struck with the thought that she is the seventh generation on her father’s side to receive sacraments in front of that altar. One of her very great grandfathers gave the land for the cemetery, a cemetery that was the first in this little frontier river town in the 1850’s to allow burial of both Native American Indians and people of African origin. Her great-grandfather and her grand uncles used to carve their initials and names in the bricks building the bell tower when they were waiting around in their acolyte robes waiting for things to get interesting. Now she’s an acolyte, because our tradition embraces both males and females in leadership roles. (And she better know better than to carve on the bricks! Besides, her last name is already engraved there for eternity, thanks to Vernon and Caleb!)

The Rt. Rev. Brian Prior, IX Bishop of Minnesota, fit right in with this faithful congregation. He offered reflections in his sermon both about our heritage as Episcopalians in Minnesota and our call to go forth and be missioners in the world. He helped both those who prefer a solemn high mass, and those who prefer a praise service, feel comfortable as we participated in the ancient rite of claiming our Baptism. He both called us to be silent and give the Holy Spirit room to work, and he encouraged us to laugh when funny things happened, planned or not.

It occurred to me, as I participated and prayed in my beloved home church, that it has been this rich congregation that has both formed and continues to form me as a Christian. I am full of prayers of gratitude because it has always been a place of both/and. I crave that balance and I think it is a key to succesful equipping for evangelism. I was welcomed as the stranger when I wandered in the doors of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Hastings, Minnesota, in 1988. I served there for 14 years as the youth minister with partners in ministry who were both young and old, both high church and low church, both traditionalists and progressives, both founding families, like my young friend Dani who was confirmed tonight, and newcomers to the church and the Episcopal tradition, like my friend Rachel who was received tonight.

Thank you, St. Luke’s, for being a faithful place that continues to bridge generation gaps as you continue to invite, baptize, and nurture new Christians. And thank you, Bishop Brian, for teaching your flock of faithful Minnesotans as you both preach and celebrate. Those four young people will never forget getting to hold the crozier, nor will they forget that it was you who grasped their hands to lead them out into the world to embrace their call in Christ. And those of us who witnessed their proclamation and promise, renewing our own vows as Christians, will not soon forget such a delightful liturgy either. It takes all of us to be the Body of Christ in the world. Thanks be to God!

 – Bronwyn Clark Skov, Officer for Youth Ministries of The Episcopal Church


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Episcopal Youth Event 2011
Registration Deadline extended to April 15!
Names and 30% deposit due April 15.

Forms, transportation details, and final payments due May 31.
EYE takes place in less than three months.

Finalize your diocesan delegation soon!
All forms, including those required for background checks, can be found on the registration tab of the EYE web pages.

June 22-26, 2011
Bethel University, St. Paul, Minnesota
Questions? Please let us help you!

General Questions
Bronwyn Clark Skov

Valerie Harris

Registration Assistance
Meghan Ritchie

3 Days of Mission
Wendy Johnson

Come together – intimately linked in this harvest work
Reunamonos – entrelazados Intimamente en esta Cosecha

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Glory to God whose power, working in us, can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine: Glory to him from generation to generation in the Church, and in Christ Jesus for ever and ever. Amen.

When the generations work together God is glorified and the church is built up.

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