General Convention reports available

Listed below you will find the final reports from this past summer’s General Convention. Each section is posted separately as they are large files with a link to the Full Report included at the end.

Cover Page

General Convention Report Introduction

General Convention Official Youth Presence Final Report

General Convention Children’s Program Final Report

General Convention Young Adult Festival Final Report

General Convention Episcopal Generations Booth Report

Full report

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Social Media and the Advent Experience

AdventObserving Advent in spiritual, faithful avenues via social media are being conducted by the Episcopal Church Office of Communication.

Advent is the liturgical season that occurs four weeks prior to Christmas, beginning on Sunday, December 2.  Advent is a time of reflection and preparation.

  • The Episcopal Church Facebook page and Twitter feed will feature special Advent and Christmas elements such as conversation-starting inquiries, a word of the day, and videos.
  • On December 2, an Advent Calendar goes live on the Episcopal Church “IAmEpiscopalian” Pinterest board.   The Office of Communication has partnered with the Brothers of the religious order The Society of Saint John the Evangelist (SSJE) to create the Advent Calendar. Each day of Advent a new image will appear on Pinterest linked to a meditation from the Brothers’ brief daily devotional “Brother, Give Us A Word.”
  • To engage children in a more active role during worship this Advent, the Episcopal Church is offering a four-week series of lectionary-based children’s sermons at no fee, providing clergy and lay leaders with step-by-step instructions on how to help the children lead the adults in worship. The sermons are also available in Spanish on the Sermones que Iluminan website.
  • Episcopal Church Young Adult Ministries is offering an Advent Meditation Blog.
  • Youth ministries Office is offering the d365 daily devotional, for Advent through the Feast of the Epiphany in January.  Named “Following the Star”, the devotions are presented through an ecumenical partnership with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and the Presbyterian Church USA.

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Advent Meditations from Young Adult and Campus Ministries

For years, the Young Adult and Campus Ministries Office has created Advent Meditation Guides.  In the past, these have been printed in booklets and .pdf documents. This year, are making it virtual with a blog post for each day of Advent. Our hope is that this blog will foster connections, give people the chance to comment, and give us the opportunity to do this ministry in a new way. Our ministry is about connecting young adults and young adult ministries with one another, bridging communities, supporting one another, and sharing our spiritual journeys. We hope this will be one way in which we can connect people around the church as well as invite them to journey through Advent together. The blog can be found at

Our writers are young adults, mentors, and people who work with young adults who already blog or have blogged.  If you would like to know more about our bloggers, click on the link for their bio and blog information.

The focusing daily scripture will follow the daily readings for Advent found in Lesser Feasts and Fasts/Holy Women, Holy Men and will vary between Old Testament, Psalm, and Gospel.

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Common Ground

As the Formation and Vocation Ministries Team continues to explore how we can empower ministries that bridge generation gaps, we are frequently blessed with stories of amazing transformation. Episcopal News Service correspondent Sharon Sheridan recently authored a story of an initiative in Alaska that demonstrates the power of finding common ground across generations, institutions, communities, and cultures.

“They say music’s a universal language. To the Rev. Belle Mickelson of the Diocese of Alaska, it’s also a healer and community builder.” – excerpt from ENS Correspondent Sharon Sheridan’s story

Photo from ENS story courtesy of Dancing with the Spirit

Click here to connect with the powerful story of transformation through music in which Mickelson has been a catalyst for invitation, inspiration, and transformation by discerning that amazing place where discernment leads to the good and right use of giftedness, passion, collaboration, and need.

Please join in our prayers of praise and gratitude for Mickelson’s faithfulness in following her call, and Sheridan’s faithfulness in sharing the story so that we all might be moved to find common ground to bridge the gaps that separate us from God and from one another.

If you have a story of transformation through bridging gaps, we want to help you share it. Please submit your story ideas to our team’s social media consultant with “Episcopal Generations” in the subject line of your submission.

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Youth and Young Adult Formation Survey

The Episcopal Formation Collaborative is a new initiative of the Center for Ministry and Teaching at Virginia Theological Seminary. We seek to gather, create, and critique resources and best practices in response to identified needs of Christian formation practitioners in the Episcopal Church.

The first initiative of the Episcopal Formation Collaborative will be to strengthen and grow Episcopal Christian formation ministries with youth (approximately 6th through 12th grades) and young adults (18 – 30 years); collectively known as young people.

We need your help and input so we know how best to serve you!
Complete the short survey to share what is working well, what resources you need, and what challenges you are facing in ministry with young people. This initial survey will close August 31, 2012.

Our vision for the Episcopal Formation Collaborative is to build on the strengths of the Episcopal Church in mission by:

  • Fostering an action-reflection model for lived faith and ministry that continually engages people of all ages and their leaders in the process of their own formation;
  • Gathering, creating, and promoting resources and methods that are Biblically sound and congruent with Episcopal theology; and
  • Offering ideas, tools, and best practices grounded in the baptismal covenant and honoring of cultural context.

Ultimately, our dream is to provide a dynamic environment in which church leaders are invited, inspired, and transformed to become hopeful, engaged, committed Christians in the world. For more information, please go to our website at

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your help and we look forward to partnering with you in ministry.

The Rev. Shannon Kelly
Projector Coordinator and Curator  
Founder of Episcopal Formation Collaborative

Dr. Lisa Kimball
Principal Collaborator and Curator
Founder of Episcopal Formation Collaborative

NOTE FROM FORMATION AND VOCATION MINISTRIES TEAM: Jason, Ruth-Ann, and Bronwyn are very aware of a great desire across the church for a central location for resources. We are also aware of many different groups and organizations that have passion on working collaboratively on such an initiative as well as resource development. Please contact us to get connected on this collaboration if you or your organization has positive energy and resources to share in this mission. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you up to date on developments!


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Falling into the Generation Gap VI

The newest installment in our series of comics illustrating the pitfalls and opportunities of intergenerational communication. Use them to start a conversation with someone in another generation!

What was your schedule like the year you were 6?  16? 26?  36? 46? 56? 66? 76? etc.

How has the schedule in your parish changed in the time you have been an Episcopalian? How have these changes contributed to or complicated the faith life of your community?

Are there other changes in the life of your congregation that you value? that confuse you? that you mourn?

How do “new” things, events, ideas, books, songs, words, …etc. contribute to or further complicate your faith? your ministry? your worldview?

How do “old” things, events, ideas, books, songs, words, etc. contribute to or further complicate your faith? your ministry? your worldview?

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Falling into the Generation Gap V

The newest installment in our series of comics illustrating the pitfalls and opportunities of intergenerational communication. Use them to start a conversation with someone in another generation!

In what situation(s) did you first become aware that something that used to be not okay, bad, wrong, rare and illegal has become okay, good, right, common and legal?

And, in what situation(s) did you first become aware that something that used to be – okay, good, common, right, or legal — has now become not okay, bad, wrong, rare, and or illegal?

Examples: Women’s Roles, Segregation, Smoking etiquette, recycling, homosexuality, etc.

How did you feel? what did you think? What did you learn from these awarenesses?

How do these kinds of change contribute to your faith? ministry? worldview?

How do these kinds of changes challenge your faith? ministry? worldview?

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