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Become an ECF Fellow

Since 1964, the Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF) has provided financial support to emerging scholars and ministry leaders – both lay and clergy – throughout the Episcopal Church.

Through its Fellowship Partners Program, ECF  helps these individuals share their knowledge, experience, and best practices with the wider Church in practical ways.

Here are two great examples of the transformational ministries funded by ECF:

The application process for the 2013 Fellowships is now open. Here are three points to consider in making a decision to apply:

  • ECF is deeply committed to strengthening the leadership capability of the Episcopal Church. Applicants to the academic and ministry tracks are asked to describe their commitment to developing the next generation of leaders for the Episcopal Church, whether this is in the context of a seminary, a local congregation, through a church-wide network, or in another context.
  • An ECF Fellowship provides both financial support and networking opportunities. ECF has typically awarded three to four Fellowships per year. New awards range up to $15,000 for the first year and are renewable for an additional two years. In addition to this financial support, new Fellows join a wide network of past Fellows and are empowered to share their knowledge, experience, and best practices with the wider Church.
  • The application requires a significant commitment of time and effort and is due on March 15, 2013. The selection process for an ECF Fellowship is highly competitive and a strong application requires a significant investment of time and effort. We encourage all applicants to begin this process early.

The Fellowship Partners Program is one of the most exciting ways that ECF supports innovative scholars and ministry leaders throughout the Episcopal Church. Please email Miguel Escobar or Brendon Hunter if you have any questions about the ECF Fellowship Partners Program.

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January 22 is National Faith Call-In Day

call in dayWe’ve been praying and working for immigration reform, and now is our chance to make it a reality.

On Tuesday, January 22nd, welcome the new Congress by making sure they know that people of faith demand humane immigration reform in 2013.

Call 1-866-940-2439 to be connected with BOTH of your Senators.

Tell them that as their constituent and as a person of faith, you want immigration reform that provides a pathway to FULL CITIZENSHIP and prioritizes FAMILY UNITY.

Here’s a sample script you can use to tailor your personal message:

Hi, my name is (NAME/TTTLE), from (CITY, CONGREGATION).  

May I please speak with the staff person who handles immigration issues?

I urge the Senator to support a common sense, humane immigration reform bill that prioritizes family unity and creates a pathway to citizenship for aspiring Americans who are currently undocumented. What is the Senator doing to help enact immigration reform this year?

Make sure to call twice to reach both of your Senators, and please spread the word! Ask your friends, family members, neighbors, congregations, and communities to call their Senators.

For information on how to get more involved in the push for immigration reform, as well as talking points and the IIC’s recommendations to Congress, go to

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Prayer in the Wake of Tragedy

Star of BethlehemLoving God, Jesus gathered your little ones in his arms and blessed them. Have pity on those who mourn for the children and teachers of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, innocents lost to the violence of our fallen world. As all things are possible with you, redeem this horror with the immensity of your love, and lead us to somehow love those who are responsible, filling our hearts with a spirit of forgiveness. Be with us as we struggle with the mysteries of life and death; in our pain, bring your comfort, and in our sorrow, bring your hope and your promise of new life, in the name of Jesus our Savior. Amen.

For more information and resources please click to



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Advent Meditations from Young Adult and Campus Ministries

For years, the Young Adult and Campus Ministries Office has created Advent Meditation Guides.  In the past, these have been printed in booklets and .pdf documents. This year, are making it virtual with a blog post for each day of Advent. Our hope is that this blog will foster connections, give people the chance to comment, and give us the opportunity to do this ministry in a new way. Our ministry is about connecting young adults and young adult ministries with one another, bridging communities, supporting one another, and sharing our spiritual journeys. We hope this will be one way in which we can connect people around the church as well as invite them to journey through Advent together. The blog can be found at

Our writers are young adults, mentors, and people who work with young adults who already blog or have blogged.  If you would like to know more about our bloggers, click on the link for their bio and blog information.

The focusing daily scripture will follow the daily readings for Advent found in Lesser Feasts and Fasts/Holy Women, Holy Men and will vary between Old Testament, Psalm, and Gospel.

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Elders + Youngers with Desmond Tutu

Every now and then we run actross an intersting article or blog post that fits perfectly with the themes of the Episcopal Generations Project. Today Archbishop Desmond Tutu is featured at HuffPost Green.We encourage you to check it out. Describing himself as one of the “Elders,” he said the following about some of the “Youngers:”

Their positive vision and relentless energy fills me with hope. I want to believe that the next generation of leaders will be bolder, more global in their outlook and more committed to making decisions for the common good, rather than the short-sightedness and narrow interests we have witnessed in the last 20 years.

Click here to read the entire post.

We encourage Elders and Younger in congregations across the Episcopal Church to engage inter-generational dialogue like this, discussing how you and your congregation live the Marks of Mission.

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The Future of Formation and Vocation Ministries


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Creative Mentoring

One of the strengths of the Official Youth Presence is the highly specialized mentoring relationships we build to help the youth fully engage and process the General Convention. Here is a really brief introduction to the adults called to this ministry this year. I hope you might gain a sense of their diverse perspectives and gifts in this multi-generational ministry.

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