Meet The Team

Bronwyn Clark Skov, Ruth-Ann Collins, Valerie Harris and Jason Sierra

The Formation and Vocation Team at the Episcopal Church Center is committed to inspiring people who are responsible for congregational learning with cutting-edge resources from across the most innovative sources in Christian churches. Faith formation is a life long process providing continuous and consistent formational education and experiences. The foundation of scripture, tradition, and reason weave together all generations through the telling of individual stories, the community story, and the great story.

Ruth-Ann Collins, Adult Formation and Lifelong Learning Officer
New York, NY, (212) 716-6051 Contact Me
“Lifelong Christian Faith Formation is intentional, ongoing growth in the knowledge, service and love of God as followers of Christ, and is informed by Scripture, Tradition, and Reason.  This ministry supports congregations, dioceses and provinces by assisting laity and clergy to respond to formational and educational needs of children, adults and older adults”

Valerie Harris,  Formation and Vocation Ministries Associate
New York, NY, (212) 716-6099 Contact Me

Jason Sierra, Young Adult Leadership and Vocations
Seattle, WA, (646) 316-0783 Contact Me
“Young adult ministries provide mentoring communities to support 18-30 year olds in making the transition from adolescence to an independent and articulate spirituality and Christian identity through leadership development and vocational discernment. Ministering to a specific subset of young adults, campus ministries seek to nurture a culture where students can be strengthened as disciples, imagine and explore new possibilities for ministry, and be mentored by strong Christian leaders.”

Bronwyn Clark Skov, Youth Ministries Officer & Team Leader
Hastings, MN, (212) 716-6074 Contact Me
“Youth Ministry calls for passion, patience, and faithfulness.  We point out the sacred in the midst of the chaos of adolescence. We walk faithfully with young people as they transition from child to young adult.  Youth ministry is a bridging ministry of education, connection, formation and hopefully, transformation.”