Formation and Vocation Ministries: Youth

We’re taking the next three posts, this one included, to give you a tour of our offices. I volunteered to go first, ever eager to share the unique blessings of Youth Ministries in the context of Lifelong Christian Formation.

Youth Ministries of the Episcopal Church is an office that strives to equip, empower, and connect adults who work with youth across all nine provinces of our faith tradition. As the officer for this amazing ministry I also serve as the coordinator for the triennial Episcopal Youth Event and the General Convention Official Youth Presence, both canonically mandated events in the life of the church.

There are nine Provincial Youth Ministry Coordinators who serve as the communication hubs and network organizers in their respective provinces. They also gather with me to help support the work of this office. We are in the midst of identifying and covening another group of Youth Ministry Liaisons who will serve as a council of advice for the office and as experts in youth ministry church wide. I am in the midst of working with our Communications Office to update the web page and our newsletter to incorporate the beautiful richness of the new web design. I hope to have the blog and newsletter ready to go before Ash Wednesday, so stay tuned!

As part of a team that embraces lifelong learning, leadership development, and vocational discernment I get to collaborate and coordinate with my colleagues, Ruth-Ann Collins in Lifelong Christian Formation, and Jason Sierra in Young Adult Leadership and Vocations. We strive to bridge generation gaps by identifying obstacles and opportunities in formation and embracing the hope of transformation. We also collaborate with our colleagues in the Department of Mission to undergird all mission with formation.

The Youth Ministries Office is a consistent collaborator with several groups including forma (formerly NAECED), Episcopal Camps and Conference Centers, the Nathan Network, Church Publishing Group, and the National Council of Churches Ecumenical Youth Ministries Staff Team.

The personal edge of my ministry as your denominational staff person is to pray for you, encourage you, connect you with the people and resources you need, and tell the story of your transformational ministry to the rest of the church. I am your advocate and your cheerleader. I would love to hear from you in times triumphant, and times of tribulation. I would love to connect with youth ministers and youth at provincial and diocesan events. I am happy to serve as a workshop leader, process facilitator, keynoter or preacher. Look me up and share your story via email, phone, or FaceBook. I look forward to when our paths cross, hopefully sooner than later.

Every Blessing!


Bronwyn Clark Skov

Offier for Youth Ministries of the Episcopal Church

Formation and Vocation Ministries Team Leader


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