Young Prophets & Visionaries

Staff members of the Formation and Vocation Ministries Team are regularly informed and transformed by one another’s work. We express gratitude toward one another as we learn new things or are reminded of things we know. Our team is diverse in age, gender, orientation, and cultural and ethnic diversity. We work intentionally on making connections; bridging gaps.

While reflecting on the three “World Through Your Eyes” segments of this blog that were posted by our Young Adult Ministries Officer, the Youth Ministries Officer couldn’t help but wonder, “Yeah, but how do we create those communities intentionally?”

One of the keynote speakers from last summer’s Episcopal Youth Event came to mind as this question was pondered. Rather than obsess and worry about the rising generation’s hyper-technological connectivity creating greater isolation, Dr. Rodger Nishioka, our Presbyterian colleague in education and youth ministry, called us to remember the gift of young people in community as prophets and visionaries. This has been a recurring theme for many Presiding Bishops preaching to,and many keynote speakers inspiring, the young people of our church to action while on the stage of Episcopal Youth Events over the decades. The theme is revisited in our sister denominations as well.

But is the church truly open to hear the reflections of a prophet or the dreams of a visionary? Are we willing to be meaningful mentors when our own values are questioned, when our way of doing things is no longer honored?

We encourage you to take the time to watch Nishioka’s keynote address at EYE 2011, Come Together. THe following YouTube video is just over 45 minutes in length, and worth every second.

Be inspired. Get connected. And please share!

Rodger Nishioka at the Episcopal Youth Event 2011


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