Bridging the Generation Gap – 2011 EYE Reflections

Bridging the generation gap, can happen when we have shared experiences, which is exactly what happened when the grandparents of  three toddlers ventured off to spend time with over 1,000 teenagers, young adults and youth leaders from across the Episcopal Church.

Standing Commission for Lifelong Christian Formation and Education member Janie Stevens reflects on the 2011 Episcopal Youth Event held this past summer in Minnesota.

 “One of the most compelling speakers I have ever heard, Dr. Rodger Y. Nishioka, from Columbia Theological Seminary spoke on the second day.  The packed room was mesmerized by his words.  He spoke on the topic of sharing for mission and urged us all to think how our personal and cultural stories intersect with the biblical and universal story.  He reminded us that young people are called to be prophets and visionaries” says commission member Stevens.

The E.Y.E. theme “Build, Share and Fulfill” can open up a myriad of ways to “Bridging the Generation Gap” by providing opportunity for authentic intergenerational ministry. All we need to do is explore, discover and create together sharing the unique gifts of all God’s children no matter their age.

 To read Janie’s entire reflection click on the following link: 2011EYE Reflections




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