Aging is Changing. R U?

Let’s face it.  From the moment we are born we ALL start aging. Some people celebrate the thresholds that mark the decades of their lives. Unfortunately, the American culture, obsessed with looking younger, feeling younger, acting younger, causes others to dread those very same thresholds.

Yes, there are challenges with aging.  One doesn’t move as quickly as one used to, conversations with friends often include discussions about one’s most recent medical procedure or the grieving of no longer seeing well enough to drive anymore. With the recent economic crisis those who thought things were solid for their retirement years are now faced with financial challenges. I could continue with a myriad of other challenges, however, since this is my first blog on our new page I will defer to the wisdom of my younger colleagues who have informed me that blogs should not go on and on.

These realities of aging have a counterpoint as well, which should not be overlooked.

More people are living longer, healthier, active lives. They are challenging what retirement means, as my friend Jeri Sedlar says, “they are ‘rewiring not retiring.’” They are thirsting for exciting new ministries by which they can live out their Baptismal vows to be part of the church’s mission to heal a broken and wounded world.

Fortunately the stereotypes of aging are starting to change. Yes, people over seventy still date and yes people over 60 are part of the social network world.  They skype with their grandchildren, use Facebook and watch you tube videos. So don’t buy into the negative myths about aging…instead celebrate the wisdom and gifts of aging, and remember we are all aging everyday  so let’s have fun and do it together with grace.

Aging is Changing…R U?


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  1. Bobbie Hostetler

    I just discovered this blog….and also new at the art of blogging! Thanks so much for your insights on aging. I’ve learned some things!

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